A Change for the Better

In order to improve, one has to change. A new life, a new job, more succeess and better looks is what we strive for… What can we do to make things better? Try out new things!

New thinking

– Change the etiquettes others give you and remember that you teach people the ways to treat you (both by example and by accepting/rejecting  certain actions from their side).
– Eliminate self-pity
– The way you look determines on a big scale the way you perceive yourself, but it is something you can influence (otherwise a fitness instructor and a stylist can help you… or just keep following SYAB 😉 )

New lifestyle

I’m not talking about diets, but rather about creating a balance in the menu and compensating the unhealthy food with vitamin-reach ones. Too sedentary and blaming on how much time it takes only to get to the gym? A yoga mat + a fitball + dumbbells are affordable. I will add below three YouTube channels with amazing fitness instructors! Now you have your home fitness center. These are my favourites:

XHIT Daily

The strive for new

I don’t really see how you can advance if you stick to a routine. Trying out new things is how we grow and learn. Besides, there are people who build a whole life and career around interests acquired as a result of attempting just to get out of their comfort zone once! Here is a short list of new things to try.

Feeling enough

Knowing that you are up to fixing what used to draw you back makes you feel better even before the results show up! Love yourself. The truth is nobody is perfect. Some people have developed better skills at enhancing their good side, that’s all! As for why we need admiration from the outside – it is our way of getting validation. Some require more of it, others are just more self-sufficient. 🙂







4 thoughts on “A Change for the Better

  1. I find your blogs to be very inspirational and absolutely accurate in many avenues. Too many wade in a routine in which they are unhappy, and do nothing in which to change it. You have provide at least some guides and steps for people to realize how to go about making, if not realizing they can change for themselves!

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