Positive Self-Talk

You are most likely already practicing self-talk, unless you have acquired an estate of thoughtless existence. The thoughts you have about yourself are a type of self-talk, but is it a positive one? You can choose what predominates in your thoughts and make them acquire a positive path. So how does one start a productive dialog with themselves to achieve positivity?

1. Have you noticed how when you think about something repeatedly it just establishes in your mind? Exclude the negative and bring as many encouraging thoughts as possible instead. When you are out of positive affirmations to tell yourself, you can let the YouTubers read for you 😉

2. Be your own coach. You know your flaws and your perspective shows best what can help or hinder your own growth. Keep consistency in trying to achieve what you want. There are tons of self-growth books; choose the ones that suit your plan and study what you want to be better at.


3.  Be ready that the others are not always in agreement with your ideas or actions. The one who can encourage you and keep you on track is… also you!


4. Be positive about others. Say nice things about other people (I know some require efforts). Generally, the people who are happy and content with themselves are able to notice and point out the good in others too.

5. Listen to your wishes. Reserve time when you can meditate because these moments of silence lead sometimes to unexpected solutions and realisations.


6. Do you dislike criticism? When it is constructive and well-formulated, it can be helpful. I am mentioning it because some thoughts others convey to you as  feedback can be used for the self-coaching. I know sometimes it is hard to ask for feedback because you don’t know what to expect. Choose wisely WHO you are listening to and WHAT the feedback-giving person is good at. Then filter the opinions accordingly. Pay attention to people who have the tendency to see the whole picture rather than just a fragment from a limited experience.


7. Where are the people and situations that give you negative feelings? At least a part of them can be eliminated. The other incoming negativity can be transformed into something positive. However, if you can avoid the negative people/situations – do so!


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